(3/3) Pete


“So that’s when I thought, ‘Far out I can learn how to make a podcast, I just have to record myself talking.’ I can’t even remember the starting point of Aussie English but the first couple of episodes were just me talking about Australian slang and people like Paul Hogan from Crocodile Dundee. I questioned how I was going to do a podcast about Australian slang terms because I looked up lists of words and there were only 50 to 100 terms. I thought there wasn’t going to be too much to talk about but I’d work with what I had. However, I realised pretty quickly that people wanted to learn English in the context of Australia, not just slang terms. Our pronunciations, the expressions we use and the varying aspects between Australian, British and American English. It’s just endless. So now I get on there, create content and talk about anything and everything but using Australian English and doing interviews with other Australians.” (3/3)

Languages: English, French and Portuguese

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