(1/2) Steven


“I resisted learning English because I’m really proud of my Chinese culture and wasn’t interested in other countries. My parents tried to push me. My teachers tried to push me. I spent a lot of time studying after class, but I still really sucked at it. I could pass the tests but I didn’t want to open my mouth to speak English. But it wasn’t until I started to push myself and embrace the culture that I improved. I read a lot of books. I watched a lot of shows and successful business presentations. A lot of successful business men and women come from the Western culture so I started to read their articles and listen to everything they were saying. It changed my mind about learning English because China has traditional business practices and I wanted to understand how the Western business world works, how they operate and why these groups of people have become so successful.” (1/2)

Languages: English, Mandarin, Dongyang, Shanghainese and Spanish

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